Kids & Youth

Partnering with parents to help nurture the next generation.


Our goal is to partner with families to make our children’s ministry engaging and fun to kids of all ages, while also being relevant every day of the week.

We use the ORANGE curriculum for our Sunday Morning Bible Studies which start at 9:45am.

Sunday nights at 5:30pm, our kids will learn about missions though GA’s and RA’s.

Wednesday Nights at 5:50 (during the school year) our children have a music program to learn about worship, instruments, and how music works.

Summer Camp Information

Completed 1st through 5th grade


We want to partner with families to make students well-rounded in Christ, and strong leaders in the community.

Our main student-focused time is Sunday night at 5:30 upstairs in the youth room. During this time we will have youth-focused messages and small group breakouts based for both age and gender.

We offer regular local fun activities, as well as mission trips local and international.